Been there, done that. Now What?

Did I say that running is a journey and not a destination. I did actually, though I repeated these famous lines rather than penning them myself. Now that I have gone past my first stop on this journey, the Hutch Delhi Half Marathon, I guess this would be the right time to go ahead and reflect on how the experience has been, what have I learnt, what did I improve on, and most importantly, where does this road take me next.

Lots of questions, and some answers too. It has been an achievement of a big personal milestone. A belief that no matter what you goal is, if you keep taking those small steps in the right direction, you’re going to be there eventually. 21K was big for me, and having conquered that, the next very obvious step would be to progress to the more challenging, and most sought after distance, 42K, The Marathon!

I had decided earlier that I would do my first big run at the Singapore Marathon, Dec 4, 2005. However, circumstances have forced me to look at other alternatives. My running schedule in October would be difficult to adhere to, due to other personal commitments, which means, I need to delay my run. The economics also force me to look elsewhere. So, after giving due thoughts to the above constraints, I have finally managed to identify what my next Big One would be. The Standard Chartered Mumbai International Marathon, Jan 15th, 2005. Mumbai is one city I absolutely love. I started my career in Mumbai, and stayed there for almost 4 years, before shifting base to Noida. It would be a wonderful return to the beautiful city, one which I have been craving for some time now. And what the heck, I might even give another go at 21K at the Delhi Marathon on Dec 11th.


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