Back to the basics

I knew it would be tough coming back to my full blown running schedule after keeping it light for such a long time. This weekend, I did my first 25K run. My running time was 3:03, much better that the 24K which I had earlier done in 3:06. However, I felt very tired towards the end of the run, the last 3K were extremely tough, which is unusual for me as I generally go through all my laps with similar level of exhaustion or tiredness. I am sure this is due to all those missed runs in the recent days.

I hope I can pick it up from here for my daily runs. I am planning to do 32K next week, and within no time, the Mumbai Marathon would be there for running, Jan 15th to be precise, and I know that if I do not maintain my running load, I am really going to suffer like anything. I have already finalized my travel and stay for the event, choosing a hotel conveniently located near Mumbai Central. And yes, close to Warden Road, where I had stayed for 3 years while I was in Mumbai, lots of fond memories from that place!


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