We are the Champions!

We had a tennis-ball cricket tournament in our company recently. It is a much awaited 10-a-side fun-filled annual event, with lots of really crazy rules, like for every lady in the team a bonus of 10 runs, and 5 runs for every run scored of the ball. As you might imagine, lots of teams take part in this competition, this time we had 29 teams! That’s at least 290 people taking part, not including even more people who participate as replacements for specific games!

As can be deduced from the image above, we were the champions this year. In fact I one of only two people who have been part of the winning team for four of the five years! Now, don’t even think that my inclusion in this team is of such an immense value, it can’t be more removed from truth. I guess even if they included a bloke with two broken legs, 2 fingers on each hand, just one eye, and a half-wit as well, our team will still win ๐Ÿ™‚ To be precise, that other fella I was talking bout, who has also been in the winning team four times, is the pillar of strength in this team, besides others.


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