Confirmation of Bangalore Marathon 2006

Today, I received a confimation from the organizing committee of Bangalore marathon, that they would be having the 2nd Bangalore marathon. The date for the event is May 14th. It looks like they might actually have online registrations too!

And if I have calculated correctly, there are 15 weeks between now and then, sufficient to time to pick up from where I left. The thing to decide is whether I should stick to the Novice program from, or should I advance to the Intermediate-I program. I’ll decide on this by this weekend, and start my running from next week onwards.

UPDATE (Feb-21): 2nd Lipton Bangalore International Marathon announced (May 14th). And yes, the Half marathon is also there! Check news on the press release.

UPDATE (Apr 9): The event stands postponed to September, 2006.


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