For the record: Top marathon performances

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The Men’s record is currently in the name of Paul Tergat of Kenya with a time of 2:04:55, set in Berlin Marathon in 2003.

Berlin is currently the most popular place to set world records, having 4 of the top 10 timings in the world. This is followed by Chicago (3), London (2) and Rotterdam (1).

All these top 10 times have been set in the 1998-2003 time period. Are’nt we overdue for one!

Khalid Khannouchi is leading the top 10 finishes, with 3 entries in the top 10. Paul Tergat is the #2 here, with 2.

Another amazing fact: The top 200 times are set in a time range of 2:04:55 and 2:08:17. Wow, its really tough out there!

Paula Radcliffe (U.K.) heads the ladies timings, with a 2:15:25 at 2003 London Marathon. She has an amazing 4 of the top 10 timings in the world (including the top 3!), really amazing given that she has started so late in her career with running marathons.

Amongst the ladies top 10, Berlin, Chicago and London are jointly top of the list with 3 entries each. Beijing rounds up the list with 1 entry. All the top 10 finishes lie in the period 2001-2005.


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