Hyderabad Half Marathon in November

I am thinking of going for the Hyderabad Half, scheduled for Nov 26th, 2006. The website for the event is at http://www.hyderabad10k.com/. Should be fun, an I’ve never been to Hyderabad before.

The site mentions “online registration” availability soon, though I am always cautious about these things never making it at all. The entry fee is a bit steep at Rs 350/-, but if they organize it well, it would be worth it for sure. The weather of Hyderabad should give me an added incentive to run my best time.

I was also thinking about the Pune marathon which should be early December, but attempting a full there might be too much with the limited practice I have. And going to run a half in an event where the main event is the Marathon does not appeal to me too much. I also have my reservations about events which do not put available resources to good use. Pune is a well established event but it is yet to see a decent website. The one which is there http://www.puneinternationalmarathon.com/ still seems to be suffering from the hang-ups from 2005.


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