1st Bangalore Ultra-Marathon announced

This first of a kind event in India has been announced with the launch of the unofficial website at http://bangalore-ultra.blogspot.com/. The event is planned to be held on Dec 16th, 2007. Given the way these guys are planning for the event, and their professional approach… I have no doubts that this would be a big success. The event is planned to have 25K, 50K and 80K runs. By definition, any distance upwards 50K is classified as an “ultra”.

Now that marathons are fast becoming the new fitness mantra in the country, particularly in the metros… I feel the “ultra” domain is the natural next step-up in this field. Events of these kinds are already popular worldwide, with runs of 50K, 50miles, 100K, 100miles, and more, and the rare species of ultra-marathon runners from India will find a new home in their own country.

Way to go guys! All the best for the event… maybe I might even turn up for the fun.


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