Mumbai Marathon and "The End of Days"

It would have been a great way to sign off in style by running the Mumbai marathon 2008. My running list for this season has four races:

* Noida marathon (Sept, 2007)
* Delhi Half (Oct, 2007)
* Singapore (Dec, 2007)
* Mumbai (Jan, 2008)

I had to skip Noida due to a critical situation back home, and I have to skip Mumbai because of conflict of date with something else. So, I could sadly make it to just 2 events this season. This is very much in line with my previous two seasons, when I have run 2 races each.

However, it is still early in the running season and I am craving for some more fix for this urge. The Delhi marathon has been listed for Feb, but as we all know, this is one event which is not done till it is done. I hope for the best. Another problem with me is that I do not run for the sheer pleasure of running… I need that goal in front of me which can drive me out of the house.

Setting up a calendar for 2008 is still far away, since the season usually takes off around August for me. But one thing I am sincerely thinking of doing is to run atleast 2 marathons (42K) this year.


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