Come Nov 9th, I will be there at ADHM

Okay, I may not be able to run fast. Heck, I may not infact be able to run the entire distance. But, importantly, I will be there.

This week was my deciding week. I gave myself 3 opportunities to declare myself match fit. Three test runs of 3K, 5K, and 8K on Tue/Wed/Thu. The first 3K was done with extreme precaution, I put in a some walking stretches in between, and the running was probably as fast as I can do a fast walk. The 5K was more of the same stuff, and with the 8K, I put in a slightly faster stretch just to test myself a bit more. To say the least, my confidence is back like anything after this.

So, how fast can I run at ADHM? Well, I can probably run at my usual leasurely pace of about 6:30 min/km and do the run in about 2:17. However, there are two reasons I want to go slow this time. The first is obviously my health and I think it is a necessity that I take it easy. The second is that I want to do this run as a practice pacing run for the Mumbai Marathon for the first 21K. I want to run at exactly the same pace as the target pace for Mumbai.

So, I have decided to do this run in 2:29. This will be about a 7 min/km pace, exactly what I want to do in Mumbai for the entire distance of 42K. That will still be tough, but I am giving it a try. Wish me luck!


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