Update from the ADHM Expo

Some updated news from the Expo which I thought I should share.

1. The timing chips this time are being given at a non-refundable charge of Rs 200/-, and it would not be required to be returned. You can keep it as a souvenir after the run.

2. These guys are having problems with timing chip availability. They ran out of chips on Thurs and Fri evening. I hope I get mine when my guy goes there to pick it up (In fact, he went there yesterday evening, just picked up the BIBs, and has gone again today morning).

3. Onsite registrations are still happening at the Expo, in case you missed out registering for the run and still want to do it.

4. Now that is some mean Goodie bag they have given this time. I guess it has stuff worth much more than the registration fees they charged from us. Stuff from Nivea, Ranbaxy (Volini gel), Dove, the mandatory pasta pack and sipper bottle, Sugar Free, Colgate, to name just a few.


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