The 2008 Pune Marathon chaos

So, is the full marathon event 39 KMs long, 42KMs or 44KMs!?

Well, for the record, the elite runners in this edition of the event did all the three types of distances, and all due to the mismanagement from the organizers. One set of folks incorrect took a shorter way near the end, another set followed the official vehicle on an incorrect route to run more than the required distance. As as news reports have it, it was utter chaos, even after all those runs had finished! As many as 15 international athletes were disqualified for not following the official route – poor them, probably not their fault.

There were reports of the elite runners running with traffic besides them and sometimes people getting in their way too.

Read the story from Indiatimes here.

Following are the top finishers.

Winners (Men):
Nelson Kirwa Rotich (Kenya) 2:17:45
Andrea Silvini Mathea (Tanzania) 2:17:53
Gudisa Lemesa Angesa (Ethiopia) 2:18:12

Winners (Women):
Caroline Cheptonui Kilel (Kenya) 1:10:17
Agnes Katunge Mutune (Kenya) 1:11:48
Jane Muia (Kenya) 1:12:07

Top Indians (Men):
Bhairavsingh Lone (Railways) 2:23:54
Narender Singh (Services) 2:23:54
Narendra (Services) 2:24:14

Top Indians (Women):
Kavita Raut, 1:20:49
Preeti Rao, 1:21:04
Neelam Kadam, 1:23:56


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