Welcome to the new year 2009 post

This is my official “Welcome to 2009” post. As I sit in front of my computer doing absolutely nothing, and with no late night parties, I wonder what the new year has in store for me.

As always, this blog, and almost all my posts have something to do with running (or sports). So let me write down what I think my goals for 2009 should be.

  1. Run at least 3 marathons (42K). The 3 possibilities I see for 2009 are as follows. Mumbai marathon in Jan, Running and Living Gurgaon marathon in Feb, and Mawana Sugars Indian Open marathon in Dec.
  2. Do a sub 5:00 marathon, possibly at the Running and Living Gurgaon marathon in Feb.
  3. Do a sub 2:00 half marathon at next ADHM.
  4. Run the Bangalore Ultramarathon (75K) in Nov

Seems like a lot of stuff for the year, and potentially conflicting goals as well, like goals for time and distance together. I guess I will have to make at least one compromise somewhere in this list.


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