Running towards the Running and Living Marathon

Just about 2.5 weeks to go for the Running and Living marathon in Gurgaon on Feb 22nd. I ran a 21K yesterday evening at a consistent pace of 6.5 min/km, and the last couple of KM were tough with this pace. So, I will have to extend myself even more for getting this pace to extend to 32KM, which is the plan. One first for me in yesterday’s run was that this was the first time I ran a 21K without any water intake in between the run (though I started off with 3 glasses), and I never felt thirsty or dry through the run, probably all down to the cool weather.

This would be my 5th marathon, and that alone makes this a very special run for me. Reaching 5 to me sounds like okay, I am now a real marathoner now! And what a way it would be to go a sub 5 on my 5th! 5 for me also signifies that it is now time for even bigger challenges, but I would leave the details for that to another post.

So, the plan for Feb 22nd is simple, get to the 32KM mark at around 6:30/km pace, and wind up the next 10KM at about 9/km pace to finish in under 5 hours. I guess the tougher part here is to get through 21Km to 32Km at the target pace.

The target for the coming weekend is 32KM at 6:30/km pace. I guess I can make some bold predictions after this ๐Ÿ™‚

Left: Photo of Running and Living founder – Rahul Verghese


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