The Thar Desert Run 2009 in Dec

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Rajasthan Thar Desert Run is a 5-day, 210 kilometer (130.48 miles) endurance race. The Thar is the greatest Desert of India, in the state of Rajasthan. Sand dunes, sandy plains and low barren hills form the terrain of this Desert, with sand dunes shifting shapes and sizes. Some sand dunes have taken a more permanent shape and rise to almost 500 feet. It’s multi-colored, multi-cultured landscaped offers some of the most amazing sunsets and throws up a glorious golden hue.

Bring your spouse/partner or a friend and they can visit India, while they travel with volunteers, and stay with you during the race. See below for charges for accompanying non-participants.

When: December 24, 2009 – December 30, 2009

Route: Jaisalmer to Jodhpur, Rajasthan State, India.

Registration: On or before September 15, 2009.

Race fee:
Participants:$2000 (Rs 50K for Indian participants).
Non-participants: $1200

Payment: $1000 at the time of registration.

Balance: Due on or before November 15, 2009, which is also the last date for withdrawal from the race.

Travel: Foreign participants should arrange for a visa to visit India. Travel to Delhi on or before December 24, 2009. Local travel assistance will be provided by us and the cost communicated to you once you confirm your registration and travel dates. This service is at cost-basis and no extra service charge. Indian participants should arrange to arrive at Jaisalmer on December 24, 2009 and departing Jodhpur on December 30, 2009.

Extended travel plans can be assisted by one of our Race officers. Please contact the Race officers for the same if you need help for travel within India post race period.

Major Airlines servicing Delhi: Air France, Air Kazakstan, Air Mauritius, British Airways, Continental, Delta, Turkish Airlines and Emirates.

What is included: Throughout the race food (breakfast, lunch and dinner based on the race timings), water (at the start and aid stations), Palace hotel stays, medical-aid, emergency evacuation, t-shirt, race material and closing celebration with medals and certificates.

Additional Info:
The Thar: Temperatures in the Desert vary anywhere between 40 F to 115 F, with sandy dunes, dry arid lands, and Sun beating down with no mercy. There is a time constraint, within which participants have to reach the last check point. Check points are provided at intervals of 10km. Each day participants cover 42 Km (26 miles) to get to the finish line, from where they are transported to the Palace Hotel/Safari Stay.

The race will be an assisted one, with participants having to carry their water and basic nutrition. Their personal belongings along with non-participant luggage will be transported to the next stop.

You can register here.


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