Mumbai marathon 2010 registrations open July 9th

and close August 18th (or as soon as running places are filled, whichever is earlier). I know last year many of us were left out just because we thought that things don’t work like this in India. Well, now we know, they do.

Event website:
Update (July 21): Registrations for Half Marathon and Dream Run (open category) closed. Wow, that happened pretty fast! Just the 42K left now.

Update (July 9): Registrations Open. For Online Registration click here.

So, if you are thinking of running the Mumbai marathon on Jan 17th, 2010, be ready on July 9th, because, there is going to be a mad rush for registrations, and the 42K and 21K seats are going to run out fast, India is really running!

I remember, last year there were lots of runners from Delhi, and from our Delhi Runners group, and the Running and Living folks. Lets party at Mumbai coming year too!

Note: Entry fees raised to Rs 500/- (including cost of disposable championchip). There is also news to the effect that 2010 Mumbai marathon route may use the newly inaugurated over the sea link between Worli and Bandra. Now, won’t that be fun? Here’s what Race Director Hugh Jones had to say about the sea link…

There’s something about running besides open water that’s very appealing. We will look at the best possible way to integrate this new feature into the race route besides taking advantage of the outstanding views of the city skyline available from it.

Another news, like last year where they had an early start of 6:40 am for the non-elite runners (elite start was 7:30 am), this year is will also see an early start (though the exact timings are yet to be confirmed). I had thought we would not see an early start this year, with the way the elite runners were disrupted in their running when they caught up with us early starters, they simply had to wrestle their way through the mass of people. All elite runners except those in the lead pack had to suffer that fate, and I am sure this did not go unnoticed. Maybe the organizers will handle this better this time.

Have fun!

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