Hyderabad Marathon 2009 Results

This was the 2nd edition of the Hyderabad Marathon and Half Marathon. And from whatever reviews I found about this event, a very well organized one too. The organizers are themselves very passionate runners, and this comes out in every aspect on how the run is organized, every small detail taken care of, the route, the traffic, water, finish line, medal and certificate distribution.

The complete results of the event are available at (though I see very few names, and some of the names of people I know seem to be missing):

Some reviews of the event from the BlogWorld:

Joshua – (half marathon)
Ram Medury – 2:27 (half marathon)
Malli – 2:41 (half marathon)
Daniel Vaz – 4:23 (marathon)
Lonesailer – 2:35 (half marathon)


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