Shah Rukh Khan to run at Delhi Half Marathon?

Now this is some breaking news about the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, coming to Sadi Dilli for running at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on Nov 1st!

The actor, who is a Delhite himself, is euphoric over the idea of running with Delhi for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in November.
Shah Rukh was born in Delhi, and lived here for more than two decades in Rajinder Nagar. He studied here, met Gauri for the first time and even started his career with serials like Fauji and Dil Darya.

The actor stated that when Airtel invited him to be a part of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on November 1, he simply could not resist it. “The very idea of coming back to my own house, returning to the same streets and mingling with Dilliwallas while they take to the streets was extremely tempting. It almost feels like Delhi has got its very own carnival. And I can’t miss it for anything,” King Khan reflected.

Lets hope Shah Rukh joins us on the roads unlike Saif and Kareena last year, who were happy to wave from the comfort of their high perches at the specially constructed dais! My guess, SRK will probably start in one of the charity runs, run a 100 meters, and go back to his perch. I won’t blame him though, even if he attempts to run further, it would be difficult, the Delhi public probably would not let him run, and probably may carry him aloft all the way!


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