Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2009 Route Map

Yesterday, I received the acceptance letter from the event organizers of the Delhi Half Marathon (both email as well as the paper), and also the event booklet with details like the route map, start time, and other arrangements for the race day. Since I was a “really” quick registrant, I got a running number of 4004, which probably means I was the 4th person to register online!

The Half Marathon (21KM), the main event of the day, as always starts very late at 7:30 am, which means most of the finishers will see the finishing line well past 9:30 am, and believe me, it does get hot by that time even if it is Nov 1st, and it really hurts when you are beyond the India Gate! In case you want to check out the Google map of the route, with GPS and elevation profile, head to Remember, there is one flyover on the route, and it comes twice (going out at 4KM, and coming back at 16KM), so be prepared to adjust your running accordingly (a prudent decision for beginners would be to walk over them, or run with smaller steps).

The Great Delhi Run (6KM), starts at 9:30 am, and is mostly a huge mela with all sorts of folks in colorful costumes, and trying to promote everything under the sun. If you are for some serious running, stay away, or get out of the blocks fast before the circus starts rolling, cause it would be really difficult to get past once the fun starts.


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