Announcement – Run Infinity and Me

This was long time coming and finally, I decided to move ahead with this change.

This blog originated as my personal training log at It soon became an avenue for me to discuss all things related to running in India and the blog got its own domain name in (and known popularly as the “Running Without Limits” blog).

As I developed more interest in running, I started sharing news and updates from events beyond the borders, and all around the world, whatever caught my attention. The domain was now getting strained, and a bottleneck in developing the overall profile of the blog to reflect its new found character. Another rebirth happened, in the form of and this blog started to gather a lot of international audience as well.

These changes had a flip side too. A lot of the regular readers of this blog were primarily interested in reading about my training updates, basically, a personal experience. I understand that bringing everything under a single banner was probably not the brightest idea, and so, it was decided that I keep the two identities separate. Me, my training, my goals … and the running world out there and related stories and updates from events around the world.

So, from today, there are two blogs. The original blog – is reborn, and I will use it as a medium to update my personal experiences, training progress, lows and highs of running. will continue as the worldwide running news and updates blog.

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