Sabarmati Marathon, Amdavad 2010 – Race Report

Dec 26th, 2010 – “Miracle at Sabarmati! Was thinking of dropping by 5K, missed the 21K finish turn, turned back to walk to finish but inspired to continue by a veteran. Dropped dead at 24K at a medical tent, again forced to stand by a runner. Finally finished 6.19 and got that medal.” (as copied from my FB status 🙂 Actually I was in pretty bad shape due to taking medicines for cough for almost a month, mostly antibiotics. And with no training whatsoever, well, the writing was on the wall even before I started.

Besides that, the event was fun, great spirits, the city and its people reminded me of my Mumbai runs, friendly, inspiring, motivating. There were some mishaps too, water missing at certain points on the route, traffic not complete blocked for most parts of the route, but still, the relatively small traffic, and the presence of cops at every turn even beyond 6 hours helping us out made for a good experience.

No fancy speeches, Modi just talked about marathon running for a couple of minutes (yes, he really talked marathons!), and then flagged us off.

Weather wise it was good, cool for most of the route, started early at 6:30, and it was not very hot at all by the time we finished.

I am sure to come back to Amdavad for some more next year.

Official Finish Time: 6:20:18 (net)



2 thoughts on “Sabarmati Marathon, Amdavad 2010 – Race Report”

  1. Hello Tanvir,
    Glad that you liked the our event.I have been following your blogs since Comrades Marathon 2012(At that time,to check the status ofAhmedabad runner Lihas Trivedi).
    I assure of of much better hospitality this time at Ahmedabad.Hope to see you at Sabarmati Marathon 2013 on 6th January 2013.

    Dhruv Motwani,
    Committee Member
    Sabarmati Marathon 2013

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