How To Qualify for SCMM 2017 or ADHM 2016

Specially for Delhi NCR runners

Registrations are already on for the most awaited running event of India, the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM). In a few days time, Aug 23rd to be precise, registrations will also start for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM). Now, the tough part is, both of these events now require a previous timing certificate from a recognized event to allow you to register for them. For Delhi NCR folks, I have put together the list of events one can participate to get that much needed timing certificate to register for SCMM or ADHM.

SCMM 2017 Qualifiers

DateEvent nameLocation
Jul 31Fastest Delhi Half Marathon New Delhi
Aug 07Friendship Day Manger Trail RunGurgaon
Aug 28Indirapuram Monsoon Run Ghaziabad
Sep 11Noida Megathon Noida
Sep 11Dwarka Half Marathon New Delhi
Sep 181st Delhi Sundown Half Marathon New Delhi
Oct 30Millennium City Marathon Gurgoan
Nov 20Airtel Delhi Half Marathon New Delhi

ADHM 2016 Qualifiers

DateEvent nameLocation
Jul 31Gurgaon Running And Living XC Half Marathon Gurgaon
Jul 31Fastest Delhi Half Marathon New Delhi
Aug 7Friendship Day Manger Trail Run Gurgaon
Aug 28Indirapuram Monsoon Run Ghaziabad
Sep 4SBI Pinkathon Womens Run New Delhi
Sep 11Noida Megathon Noida
Sep 11Dwarka Half MarathonNew Delhi
Sep 18Delhi Sundown Half Marathon New Delhi

For registering for a full marathon, you need to provide a timing certificate for a full marathon or a half marathon. Similarly, for registering for a half marathon, provide a timing certificate for a half or a 10K run. And do not delay running your qualifier race at the earliest. The registrations for SCMM and ADHM do not remain open for a long time, so, the earlier the better. Safe option would be to run your qualifier as early as possible, Sep 11th being the last safe date for your ADHM qualifier in my opinion.

Note: Women runners are exempt from the requirement to provide the timing certificate when registering for ADHM 2016.


9 thoughts on “How To Qualify for SCMM 2017 or ADHM 2016”

  1. Hi,

    I want to participate in ADHM 2017 for the first time. As I am new to the event, I request you to please provide me all the details needed. I think eligibility criteria for ADHM is that one should have participated in at least 10k and would have completed it before 1hr 35mins. Can you suggest me any upcoming 10k events from where I can get the Time certificate which will be counted as a preliminary in ADHM.

    Please provide all the details.

  2. Hi,
    Now only 11 days left out for ADHM registration (21k) closure i.e. 30th Sep 16. Any way, by which I can register or qualify, since I have no previous certificate?


    1. I do not see any qualifier happening in Delhi NCR which would meet ADHM qualification norms before the Sep 30th deadline. The only option left is to go for Charity BIBs. Contact here:

      The charity BIBs usually go for anything from Rs 3000 to 5000.

  3. Hi Tanvir,

    Can you update the list of eligible races for ADHM since the registration for Sun Down Marathon is closed?


    1. There are no eligible races as per their latest update, they will only consider races meeting the eligibility requirement as per the website, and no race gets a mention. In any case, I don’t see we will have any NCR race post 18th and still in time for the registration window.

  4. Hi,

    Can you also provide the list of previous years run which are valid for qualification?
    To be more specific is GrandPrixRun certificate which happened in December 2015 valid in ADHM?

    1. Yes, GPR certificate would be valid. My friends have used it to register for SCMM and have got application confirmation.

  5. Hi Tanvir,

    Very informative post. Thank you. But the last point about women runners being exempt from the requirement to show the timing certificate.. Is it for everybody or is there a certain quota for that?

    1. This is the first time where timing certificates are being required for even registering for ADHM. Process should be simple enough, an upload link using which everyone will be required to upload the certificate, and registration will not proceed, unless of course for women runners who will be exempt.

      That said, however, everyone should try to provide a timing certificate, men or women, because that will help you to get a better starting group (A, B, C, D, E, F, etc) based on the finish time on the certificate. The earlier group you start, the less traffic you face.

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