A look at numbers from India’s biggest marathons

Two big marathon or half marathon events happened yesterday, which gave me an opportunity to look back and figure out which are overall the biggest events in India (chip timed finishers only), which include half marathon or a marathon run. The results did surprise me.

  • #SCMM was a no-brainer, topping half and full marathon counts.
  • #TWCM was a surprise, being the #2 in this list and leading the 10k numbers.
  • Two of the events here are running community organized events. Chennai (#TWCM) and Hyderabad (#AHM). Kudos!
  • #ADHM was another surprise, I would have thought it had the 2nd biggest timed participants. Apparently not.#AHM say they are the 2nd largest marathon in India. I will give them the benefit of doubt. My list below says it’s #SPBM, by a margin of 1!

Re-emphasizing again, I have not considered data for 10k only runs in India, some of which are really big, and will make it into this list, but they don’t have a HM or M event.


One thought on “A look at numbers from India’s biggest marathons”

  1. ADHM does not rank finishers beyond 3 hrs, the count of 7856 (ranking) includes runners with net time of 3 hrs and faster only. There will be many finishing beyond 3 hrs which will not reflect in the ranking. ADHM also looks like the biggest half marathon after Mumbai. Good to see so many full marathon finishers in Mumbai.

    Good analysis!

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