Random Musings – Hidden Talents?

So today my society tower guard finally lost his patience and asked me how much I run daily. “10km?”, he asked. That put me under immediate pressure, realizing that the 10k’s are not really regular training distance for me, and even less frequent these days.

He pressed on, “kitne time mein karte ho 10km?”. I replied, “50 mins”, and then immediately got worried that he might take me as a very slow runner, and quickly corrected it to “48 mein ho jata hai”, going into my race day timings. Then I thought again, hell with it, and said “46 mins mera best time hai”, conveniently forgetting the extra seconds I took for this distance at ADHM16.

Then I grabbed my chance to grill him back. “Tum daudte ho? Kitna karte ho?”. “1600” was his reply. Damn man, this guy seems to know his stuff! “Distance kaise pata 1600 hai?”, trying to catch him off guard. “Gaadi sey naapa hai”, he was not giving me a chance yet. So, I threw my final dice, “kitna time nikalte ho 1600 ka”. “5 mins”, he says nonchalantly. Damn, this guy is either damn fast, or maybe he does not know his stuff yet, throwing some random numbers at me. I tell him my mile time, “6:30 mins”, almost apologetically.

“Mere saath daudoge?”, I pester. He has got me interested, and I would really like to get this riddle solved sooner than later. “Society ke 2 round 1600 honge”. “Yahan nahi daud sakte saab”, I understand his predicament, running within the society, being a guard here, may be a concern for his superiors and something which he thinks is not realistic.

Never mind, I need to get this fellow to run and so asked him for running outside somewhere, and if he is really as good as he says, would probably take him to run at some of the local events that I do. He didn’t seem too excited about the idea, but I won’t blame him. These runs are more to satisfy our hunger of doing something better than nothing physically, and may not mean much for him. In a few days, I will have my answers hopefully.


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